Current Status

Below is a screenshot of the current ALPHA build:

PhotoFiltre LX is going to be integrated with the Gnome desktop environment. In order to make PhotoFiltre LX as functional as PhotoFiltre on Microsoft Windows it needs to have tight desktop integration.

If you just want to make a contribution to PhotoFiltre LX's development you can download the latest source code from Launchpad, then check any available blueprints to see what needs to be done. Make sure that nobody else is already assigned to that blueprint.

You can work on your changes in a separate branch until you are ready to submit your changes. If you complete any item from the blueprints then I will merge your changes if they are acceptable after a code review.

Development Team


  • Lead Developer/Project Manager - Dylan Coakley


  • Forum Moderator - Symphonie
  • Forum Moderator - Boss

Promotional Media

  • Art Designer - Catherine Fister
  • Advertising - Don Murphy


  • Duzy Chan - Code
  • Samuel Cowen - Code
  • Richard Senior - GNU Autotools system
  • Alexandre Kharlamov - Code
  • Michael Sheppard - Code
  • SledgeHammer_999 (Ubuntu Forums) - Code
  • makefile (Gnomelook) - Icon
  • Helene Levernieux - Project Icon

All the development code is hosted on Launchpad, you can check out the code here:

Positions Required

In order to make this project a real success the following positions need to be filled:

  • Image functions Developer (C++)
  • Icon Designer (Vector)
  • Promotional Media Designer

You can apply via the contact page.