Q. When will it be finished?
A. At the moment it could take years but about 3 - 6 months if commercial development was started. (requiring funding)

Q. If commercial development started would the project remain Open Source?
A. Of course it will remain Open Source, however if a "Studio" version was developed that would more than likely be proprietary.

Q. Why should I support this project financially?
A. I want casual photo editors to have a great choice on the Linux platform and knock one more application off the list of stuff people miss having on Linux. Sure there may be choices at the moment but PhotoFiltre LX won't use such sluggish languages or mix many different programming languages. It will be developed in pure C++ and to casual users this means it will perform blazing fast in comparison to some other editors out there.

Q. Why develop it with GTKmm?
A. C++ is probably my favourite language at the moment, GTKmm being a C++ framework for GTK is a perfect fit!

Q. Can I help you?
A. Of course you can! Just send me an e-mail and let me know how you would like to help! Unfortunately I can only work with people with a good level of english, that is the only thing to take note of.

Q. Whats with the ADs on the new website?
A. I need some kind of funding to support the website costs. I tried my best to keep them unobtrusive and not on every page of the website.