Xwii Roadmap

As I am now busy with a full time job (Java development) and I work on PhotoFiltre LX (my own project) on the weekend. I can no longer be the leading the development of Xwii. However I can be there for support and update the website when required. I can also provide further help with some direction for the way the project should be heading. Please note that the project will still need a leader/developer to continue and I would be willing to select an appropriate person. Contact me if you think you have the free time, C++ development skill and are a democratic/open team leader.

I had hoped to make a positive news post about great development progress but I really don't have the time to contribute to the project anymore. I hope to come back to it in the future but only time will tell if that is feasible for me.

For direction you can look at this roadmap which I put together. None of it is very detailed but it can be filled out over time. Take a look if you are interested - here!

Myself and James forged a great dev team for a period of time but it was at a moment where we both had the free time and desire to work on the project. James has moved on and I think I need to right now as I can't find the time to commit to the project. Maybe I will just be gone from it temporarily or possibly forever but I won't know for sure until further down the line. I felt I had to let the community know what is happening as the website has been void of any news over all these past months.

For now I am signing off, to everyone involved and the Xwii community, it has been a pleasure!

Kind regards,

Posted: 13/07/2012

Xwii Next Generation

A new chapter is about to be written in the history of this project. I am teaming up with a new developer to start work on a new generation of Xwii!

This new version of Xwii will be using the built in kernel driver to power its features and we will stop using wiiuse as a back end. Hopefully this will solve all problems you are having with Xwii at the moment. Work will start on this soon, we just need to sort out the details.

Most likely we will use Launchpad.net for its development and this should make the project more organised. Certain features we will focus on keeping such as the profile system and the new GUI I was working on.

Thats all for now!

Posted: 09/01/2012

Alpha GUI released

I have just finished work on porting the existing GUI code to Gtk3 and I also added in an aboutDialog for the application. This is available for developers interested in helping mostly and is not properly functional yet.

Also I added an aboutDialog to let people know the version, license and of course the awesome developers who made Xwii what it is today!

The combobox is indeed massive and maybe it should be reduced to the normal size. Im not sure how but I should hopefully find a way to do it soon. As far as I know there isn't anything setup to make it this size.

Posted: 19/11/2011

News update

So I must start off this news post by apologizing on the lack of news about the project. Initially some work was started by myself on the GUI for Xwii and James was helping too. However we have both been busy living our separate lives since last summer... with a plan to return working on the project this summer. We seemed to be too busy to come back to the project, so since last summer nothing has been done on the GUI work.

I will show everyone what we got done now... sadly im not sure will more work be done on it. I remember picking up a magazine in a shop and I saw the title "Use your Wiimote on Linux!". Then I decided to have a sneak peek at the article in case it was about Xwii. Of course it was not Xwii but something called "Wiican". Why did they get picked, its simple.. a nice GUI! Any program with similar features will win over a command line app... even tho Xwii is very simple to use.

Without further delay.. here it is:

Now James has actually confirmed the GUI works on 32bit Linux... for some reason I can't get it to work on 64bit. You can select your profile and when you click "Connect" it will run the selected profile with Xwii in the background. This was developed with GTKmm, my experience in this helped alot but I did need help from a contributor and James did the work on the backend code.

I will finish this post here... its too long already. I don't wanna bore people and I have said enough to keep ye informed. Hopefully I will post up soon as I have more things to talk about relating to the project.

Posted: 25/08/2011

2.9.4 Released

Thanks for the many people that gave feedback on the 2.9.4 beta release.

Here is a brief list of changes:

-Greatly improved IR code for stability and accuracy.
-Updated the IR_mouse profile for improved infra red control.
-Reduced number of default profiles.
-Updated Help.txt to improve the documentation.

There has also been some minor bugfixing too! Please note that this will be the final code release of Xwii. The next version of Xwii will have a GUI!

Note: An important bug has now been fixed with the 64bit edition of Xwii. Updated packages are now available.

UPDATE: If you had trouble compiling and running Xwii then try out the new updated source.

Posted: 15-07-2010