3 E-mail Marketing Tips To Increase Sign Ups and Treat Your Subscribers As Individuals

3 E-mail Marketing Tips To Increase Sign Ups and Treat Your Subscribers As Individuals

E-mail marketing is the most lucrative and important aspect of owning a website. I often say that the first thing which you should do after registering a new website is to attach an e-mail list to it so that you have the ability to capture email addresses. With e-mail marketing, you have a way to develop a close relationship with your subscriber, remain in touch even when they are not visiting your website, and most importantly an extremely powerful sales tool when used correctly.

Here are three e-mail marketing tips designed to boost your subscribers and more effectively interact with the ones which you already have.

The first of these e-mail marketing tips entails giving your audience and website’s visitors the chance to sign up wherever they are on or off your site. I give my subscribers a handful of ways to subscribe to my e-mail list should the mood ever strike them.

When you first visit my website, you’ll likely be hit with a lightbox pop-up. I use a special plug-in to do this and ever since I started using this plug-in I saw my sign-up rate jump and it has stayed up ever since.

I also have a static sign-up box prominently displayed on the upper right side of my widget section of my blog. I recommend having a static sign-up box in place because you never know if someone will instinctively close your pop-up or alternatively maybe needs to read some of your content before they decide they want to sign up.

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The chances don’t stop there, however. I advertise for my e-mail list off of my site, as well. I use my Facebook page, for example, as an additional sign-up spot so that if people prefer Facebook, they can check out my content and see my e-mail list advertisement there, as well.

It’s also crucially important that you have a good incentive in order to entice your visitors into subscribing. Your incentive is the obvious initial reason for why your subscriber believes that they should sign up. Sure, you may be sending them great content filled e-mails after they have signed up, but they have no proof or way of knowing that when they first visit your site.

For this reason, they need some kind of incentive to sweeten the deal. I give away a free 50 page e-book which explains how to make money online. A lot of time went into that incentive and I’m very proud of it, and my sign-up rate is very healthy largely in part because of it.

Finally, you should use segments in your e-mail list. This means performing analytics on your subscribers, their information, and their behavior to get a much better idea of the kind of things which they’re interested in, then sending them specific and personalized e-mails with that information in mind. This enables you to treat each individual subscriber as an individual as opposed to one big one-size-fits-all list.

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Let’s look at how to master using segments and a number of other effective e-mail marketing tips which you can see by clicking on this link for e-mail marketing tips.