Nutritional Supplement Products Affiliate Marketing – A Truly Lucrative Market

Nutritional Supplement Products Affiliate Marketing – A Truly Lucrative Market

Nutritional supplement business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world at the moment. Commonly addressed as the nutritional supplement group or VMS (Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements) generates an annual revenue of close to $40 billion in 2014. It is projected to double that revenue by topping $80 billion by 2023. Even during these economically uncertain time, none of the business journals around the world has predicted any kind of slow down. Nutritional Business Journal goes one step ahead and predicts a doubling of revenue every decade in the foreseeable future.

The industry is no more monopolized by a couple of big names. Highly efficient new start-ups are coming up with innovative and effective products. People read a lot of health literature online and understand the need to stay healthy, with the uncertainty of Medicaid or Medicare. This huge demand for wellness products has created a powerful venue for affiliate marketers to expand in to an evergreen area of health supplements.

Though there are a couple of big names in this industry, promoting just the big brands will not bring in sufficient revenue, as the commission is less and the market is highly competitive for top MNC brands. It is therefore important to identify those companies that offer attractive commission and high quality products. If the quality of product is substandard, then it will result in greater number of refunds and hence less overall revenue.

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Nutri LifeScience Affiliate Program:

We highly recommend Nutri LifeScience’s affiliate program, they offer great products particularly Nutri Maqui, a super fruit blend juice. The affiliate commission they offer is also substantially high when compared to the industry standard. An unsaturated niche, good commission and great products make Nutri LifeScience’s affiliate program as one of the best in the market. If you are getting in to this niche, look no further, enroll for the program at

The affiliate performance and tracking system are also efficient and transparent. So no reason for worrying about missing commissions.

Another growing concern among affiliates is the toxicity of supplements, vitamins and minerals in higher doses can result in toxicity, however a product like super fruit blend will not result in any over dosage issue, therefore you need not worry about promoting this product.