Top 10 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

With the changing lifestyle and increasing demands and recession troubling your economy, it has become necessary that everybody should workout a side income. There are many ways in which you can make money easily. Here are top 10 ways to do so.

1. Old accounts need to be tracked

According to a research it was found that money more than 15 billion was sitting in the savings accounts of the banks. Track down your money in the lost accounts. Go to the site “”, type in your bank details and track your money.

2. Tax credit claims

Make sure you check whether you are receiving all the tax credits that you are eligible for. Trace your lost funds and at the same time how much tax credits you can claim.

3. Fixed savings

It is a fact that new customers get competitive rates in th bank. If you have money stocked up in your savings account for more than a year then you better save this amount in a fixed rate account. This way you can be saved from the interest rate cuts. You also get a fixed interest rate of money every month which you can spend.

4. Mystery shopping

If you love shopping and love visiting the malls but do not have enough cash to buy new things, then do not get depressesd. there are many websites online that accept mystery shoppers. All you need to do is sign up with then and accept a mystery shopping assignment. You will be paid for visiting a shop, drop in unannounced and rate their shop. When you send the feedback you will get paid for the purchase you made. You can buy something you like, eat at a nice hotel for free, all depending on the assignment you grab.

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5. Use rewards credit cards

There are credit cards that offer cash back rewards on purchases. Users will get money back on purchase in certain shops or fuel filling stations. This way you can earn extra money plus you get to shop.

6. Cash back websites

You can earn money when you shop online. There are many sites online that pay you automatically when you buy a product or avail services from selected retailers. You can buy groceries or even change your utility provider.

7. Take in a paying guest

We pay a lot of money on buying homes, often bigger ones that we really need. So if you have a big one with spare rooms, then take a paying guest. You could make a lot of money when you lend a spare room.

8. Rent your parking space

If you live near a sports stadium or a train station and have a free parking space that you do not use. Then let the empty parking space to a person who is in need and you will earn loads of money for free. All you need to do is advertise about your free parking space on advertising websites for free and you will get in touch with all the people who would want to use the space.

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9. Sell or recycle your old mobile phone

Most of us have old but well functioning mobile phones lingering in the drawers. Either sell them by posting an add on sites like eBay for a good amount or if you are a little environment concerned then there are many websites online that you can contact for recycling your phone for money that is worth your phone.

10. Writing

If you have good writing skills and love writing articles then there are many websites like,, etc that pay you a minimum of $3-5 per article. Write articles and make good money.