Video Marketing, The Secret To Getting People To Watch Your Video

Video Marketing, The Secret To Getting People To Watch Your Video

Video marketing has become one of the latest crazes for ways to attract people to your website or affiliate program. Video and other social media venues have become the wave of the future for marketing products and services.

This has to be obvious to anyone not living under a rock, You Tube for one, has grown so large that they now rival Google for number of searches per month. You Tube is the largest and most well known, but there are hundreds of other video hosting sites that you can upload your video to as well.

OK, so now you have your video and it’s embedded into your website, or you are hosting it on You Tube or other video hosting site. You are getting traffic but a very low percentage of people are actually watching the video. So how do you get people to click on it and watch it and receive your message and purchase your product, or opt-in to your mailing list?

In today’s fast pace society, people want instant gratification and want to be entertained right now or they move on. The other day I found a friend of mine tapping his foot in front of the microwave waiting for it to finish. Now that is impatient! As long as we recognize this, we can use it to our advantage. It’s all about knowing your customers and looking at things from their point of view.

So you have to grab your prospects attention quickly, and keep them interested all the way through to the purchase of your product or opt-in to your list. If you don’t they will be off onto another website before you get your full message to them.

There are several secrets to getting people to watch your videos all the way through to the end.

One secret is to keep your videos short and to the point, and tell the prospect, so they know they will receive the message quickly. Especially in the beginning stages when you are new at this, it is tougher to provide enough great content to keep their interest for longer periods of time. While you are learning to make videos you will want to keep them shorter. Later after you have had more experience at creating videos you can gradually make them longer.

Another method which happens to be of my favorite ways is to create urgency by telling your prospects that your video may not be around very long. You could say that you are only allowing a certain number of views of the video then you are taking it down, or you can put a countdown clock on how long the video will be available.

The fear of loss, if used properly can be a huge motivator and one of the most effective calls to action you can use. If you apply just these two techniques it will at least double and maybe even triple your sign-up rate.