How To Use Analytics and Improve Your Blog

How To Use Analytics and Improve Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, whether it’s a travel blog, a tech blog, a health blog or any other type of site you maintain, it can be time-consuming. You might be so worried about producing the content and handling the day-to-day tasks that come along with keeping your site that you forget about a critical component: analytics.

Data analytics is something that’s at the forefront of many initiatives top business leaders are focusing their attention on.

There’s good reason for that. Data analytics is powering innovation, and helping website and businesses of all sizes better connect with their audience. That’s the reason so many organizations are looking for professionals with extensive experience in data analytics and advanced certifications like SAS training.

However, if you’re an independent blogger you probably don’t have the budget to hire a dedicated data specialist, but there are some things you can do on your own to boost your blog through analytics.

Think About Geography

One of the biggest areas bloggers can better hone their analytics is in the discovery of the geographic location of their audience. A lot of bloggers aren’t checking out their location demographics, but they can find out a lot of really valuable things from doing so. You may even find new ideas for blog topics, based on the locales of your readers. It can not just be a good way to better connect with your audience, but also to inspire you regarding the direction you take with your blog.

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Look At What’s Not Working

A lot of time bloggers will look at their analytics only in terms of what’s working, but they’re not necessarily giving that same attention to what isn’t working. It’s just as important to use data and analytics to gain an understanding of what isn’t performing well on your blog, and a lot of valuable information can come from looking at what your audience just doesn’t seem to respond well to.

Gain A Glimpse Into What Referral Channels Are Working

Blogging can be an incredibly time-consuming business, whether you’re putting together travel itineraries, or blogging about the newest technology. Regardless, you still have to also make sure you’re putting in the work to drive traffic to the site you work so hard on.

The way may bloggers do that is through social media, but you likely don’t have the time to dedicate to every social media channel at one time. Let your analytics and data information guide the channels you focus most of your attention on. Using data and analytics is much better than just looking at your following on any one social media channel, and it’ll give you a much better perspective of where to budget your time accordingly.

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Compare New and Returning Visitors

To conclude, if you want to strengthen your blog, you need not just new visitors, although they’re important too. You need a healthy mix of new and returning visitors.

Big data professionals will often pay a lot of attention to these numbers, and make sure that people aren’t just initially coming to your blog, but are coming back time and time again. Loyalty is essential to bloggers.