The Five Basics Of Mobile Marketing

The Five Basics Of Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that the world of mobile technology is booming. The app industry alone is a multi-billion dollar sector that is growing by the second. Some apps now make more than $1million every single day. In terms of web traffic, more people now access the internet on a mobile device than a computer. The stats alone tell a very intriguing tale. Quite simply, the future of business lies in smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. It’s time to start adapting, as these can be excellent platforms even to teach online. It’s time to move your marketing efforts to the mobile sphere. But, how exactly do you do that?

1. Keep it simple

Our first crucial piece of advice is simplicity. Mobile users don’t access the internet or read content in the same way as desktop users. There is a much smaller space to work with, and a lot more distractions. You’re now competing with social media alerts, text messages and phone calls. You’ve got to grab attention and do it quickly. Learn to slimline every aspect of your company for mobile. That means your website, your social media activity, and your advertising. Keep it short. Keep it simple.

2. Local search

Search engine optimisation has long been a core part of digital marketing. However, we are now entering a new, relatively unknown stage: mobile SEO. SEO on a mobile device requires an entirely different thought-process. You have to anticipate that many users are on the move. They’re looking for instant, geographical results. For example, someone searching for a hotel on a mobile device probably needs that hotel tonight. And they need it close by. Whereas laptop users are more likely to be looking for future bookings. Adapt your SEO to capture these ‘local’ searches.

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3. Geo targeting and location services

Mobile marketing gives you the unique power to target your users by their exact location. This opens up all sorts of exciting and intriguing prospects. Take Starbucks, for example. If you download their app, they’ll send you a notification when you walk close to one of their coffee shops. They might even offer you a discount. Get creative, and see how you can take advantage of geo targeting.

4. Social media

Social media is a key part of online marketing. Yet, your approach is even more important when talking about mobile devices. Social media has taken a life of its own thanks to smartphones. More users are accessing social media on their phones than on a laptop. It’s crucial that you adapt our messaging and marketing to reflect that.

5. Advertising

Again, advertising is a typical marketing strategy that requires a new approach for mobile devices. Most advertising on a mobile device takes place inside an app. That gives you just a tiny space to work with. That means creating highly powerful, simple campaigns. Mobile advertising and marketing is so complex there are entire online courses devoted to it. You can learn more at where there are dedicated modules on mobile advertising.

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Mobile internet access represents a strict change in direction for marketing. It’s time to jump on board the train now before it shapes the entire future.